The following selections represent good reading in a number of theological areas. All are useful additions to a library and will repay the careful reader many times over. Most of the titles in this group are not massive in size, yet contain the promise of much fruit for the effort. A few are simple in their structure and, therefore fit to give away to someone young in the faith. The apologetic thread runs through a most of these, so overall these books will strenghten the reader. Please note that not all books listed are still in print, so you may have to obtain them used.

1. Anderson, Sir Robert. THE SILENCE OF GOD. Hodder & Stoughton, 1912. [A good defense of the faith. Clearly written. Answers many questions about God and confronts the question of why heaven seems to be silent].

2. Bruce, F.F. THE NEW TESTAMENT DOCUMENTS. Are They Reliable? Eerdmans, 1978. [All of Bruce's works are worth consulting. Here he ably defends the credibility of the N.T. He supports fully the canon, the miracles, the genuineness & reliability of the gospel accounts].

3. Chesterton, G.K. ORTHODOXY. John Lane Co., 1941. [This book is a classic for its ability to provoke much thought and soul searching regarding the faith. Chesterton has the gift of drawing the reader into his skillful presentation of the question and, then, challenging the mind for the answer. Good book to read again and again].

4. Sayers, Dorothy. THE MIND OF THE MAKER. Harcourt, Brace, 1941. [Sayers artfully draws the reader into the creative process, not only of ourselves, but of the Lord. A great help in understanding the Creator, His purpose, His method, and how we fit into his plan].

5. Tenney, Merrill. THE REALITY OF THE RESURRECTION. Harper & Row, 1963. [This is a scholarly work, clearly written. Tenney soundly covers the doctrinal questions regarding the resurrection, providing much helpful detail of the event. His description of burial customs is worth consulting to gain a better focus on Easter morning].

6. Morison, Frank. WHO MOVED THE STONE? Faber & Faber, 1966. [This book has gone through many printings and has become a standard apologetic work. Morison was originally a skeptic, transformed by his research and Gospel reading].

7. Stalker, James. THE LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST. Revell, 1909. [This small work delivers big time. If you do not have time to read Edersheim, then this book will provide great insight into Christ's life and ministry. Very fruitful].

8. Morgan, G. Campbell. THE PARABLES AND METAPHORS OF OUR LORD. Revell, 1943. [This work is another in the impressive collection of studied efforts by Morgan. He gives ample, useful insight into the Lord's use of parabolic teaching].

9. Martin, Walter. ESSENTIAL CHRISTIANITY. Regal Books, 1986. [Martin, renowned cult expert, was also a fine Bible teacher, firmly committed to sound doctrine and the defense of the faith. This work is an example of his dedication to upholding "the faith once delivered." Clearly written].

10. Lindsell, Harold. THE BATTLE FOR THE BIBLE. Zondervan, 1976. [A classic work showing the importance of holding to inerrancy. Lindsell makes the case soundly and definitively shows the results institutionally when this doctrine is ignored or denied. The American church is paying the price now for ignoring warnings such as Lindsell presents].

11. Montgomery, John Warwick. HISTORY AND CHRISTIANITY. IVP, 1979. [A small but very helpful work. With great skill, Montgomery establishes the reliabilty of the New Testament. Especially useful for the manuscript evidence, plus the historical and literary references. Read this with profit].

12. Torrey, R.A. PERSONAL WORK. A Book of Effective Methods. Revell, n.d. [This work was first published some 90 years ago, yet is a tremendous help in developing insight into personal witnessing, evangelism, and outreach. Torrey lists many hypothetical presentations of the truth along with the whole gamut of excuses. Some of the English phrases have changed, but the excuse has not. Very useful].

13. Huegel, F.J. THAT OLD SERPENT--THE DEVIL. Marshall, Morgan, n.d. [Another of Huegel's practical efforts. He exposes Satan and his work--the wiles of the devil: deception, division, discouragment...].

14. Nicoll, W. Robertson. THE CHURCH'S ONE FOUNDATION. Christ and Recent Criticism. Hodder & Stoughton, 1901. [This is a defense against criticism. Still useful. Nicoll clearly shows Christ's importance and the church being built on Him. Thoughtful, well written apologetic].

15. Havner, Vance. JESUS ONLY. Revell, 1946. [Havner's voice is needed today. These messages are timely, since we seem to often run low on common sense. Havner has an overflow, plus Scriptural wisdom. You will learn from Havner!].

16. Stoner, Peter W. SCIENCE SPEAKS. Van Kampen, 1952. [An old classic, often referenced. Stoner establishes the scientific accuracy of the Bible and fully attests to the value of prophecy. Has been revised--still good to read].

17. Jowett, J.H. THE PREACHER. His Life and Work. Doran, 1912. [These are the Yale Lectures on Preaching for 1912. Jowett was pastor at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in N.Y.C. and has much insight to share on a variety of aspects of the pastor's life and work. Well worth reading].

18. McDowell, Josh. MORE THAN A CARPENTER. Tyndale, 1991. [This small book is one of the most versatile items to put on your shelves. McDowell presents Christ as Lord and Savior with the utmost clarity, yet also dispenses with the myths and negative attacks against Him. You can read this in about an hour. Also, excellent as a giveaway].

19. Kjos, Berit. BRAVE NEW SCHOOLS. Harvest House, 1996. [This book is must reading for understanding the changes in our public schools. This work is the product of much research and is thoroughly documented. Clearly reveals the danger of Federal intrusion in the local community, new Federal laws/ programs to guarantee children becoming even more deficient, and details as to what the future holds. You must read this--don't wait].

20. OUR GLOBAL NEIGHBORHOOD. The Report of the Commission on Global Governance. Oxford University Press, 1995. [This is a secular work, yet is extremely important to read and comprehend. It provides overview on the "One World Government" which is close at hand. The Committee is calling for action in 1998 to bring about global government in approximately two years. They are not joking. This book is one of many, apparently ignored by the church. Some of their concerns are detailed in a section entitled "The Next Steps" (p. 348ff). Be sure, their plans do not include the evangelical, conservative church (among others). Better investigate this right away!

**Let us know if you have comments about any of these books. We would like to hear from you. Also, you may give us input about books of your choice, which you would consider "must reading."