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Allen, Leslie C.  JOEL, OADIAH, JONAH, & MICAH. [NICOT].  Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1976.  VG, dj $14.00

Barnhouse, Donald Grey.  GENESIS. A Devotional Exposition. 2 Volumes in 1.  Zondervan Publishing, 1973.  E $12.00

Barnhouse, Donald Grey.  REVELATION. An Expositional Commentary.  Zondervan Publishing House, 1998.  E, p $7.00

Beasley-Murray, George R.  JOHN. [Word Biblical Commentary]. Vol. 36.  Word Books, Publisher, 1987.  E, dj $14.00

Blair, J. Allen.  LIVING PATIENTLY. A Devotional Study of the Book of Job.  Loizeaux Brothers, Pub., 1966.  VG, dj $8.00

Boice, James Montgomery.  ACTS. An Expositional Commentary.  Baker Books, 1997.  E, dj $16.00

Boice, James Montgomery.  EPHESIANS. An Expositional Commentary.  Baker Books, 1997.  VG, dj $12.00

Boice, James Montgomery.  JOHN. An Expositional Commentary. 5 Volumes.  Baker Books, 2001 - 2002.  E, dj $75.00

Boice, James Montgomery.  PHILIPPIANS. An Expositional Commentary.  Baker Books, 2001.  E, dj $15.00

Boice, James Montgomery.  ROMANS. An Expositional Commentary. 4 Volumes.  Baker Book House, 2001.  E $60.00

Boice, James Montgomery.  THE MINOR PROPHETS, Volume 1, Hosea-Jonah. Expositional Comm.  Baker Books, 1983.  E, dj $12.00

Bridges, Charles.  PSALM 119. An Exposition. 1857. rpt. The Banner of Truth Trust, 1977.  VG, dj $14.00

Bruce, F. F.  THE EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWS [NICNT].  William B. Eerdmans, 1990.  E, dj $15.00

Bruce, F. F.  THE GOSPEL OF JOHN. Introduction, Exposition and Notes.  William B. Eerdmans Pub., Co., 1984.  VG, dj $12.00

Bullock, C. Hassell.  AN INTRODUCTION TO THE OLD TESTAMENT PROPHETIC BOOKS.  Moody Press, 1986.  E, dj,  $12.00

Cranfield, C. E. B.  ROMANS. A Shorter Commentary.  William B. Eerdmans Publishing, 1985.  E, p $7.00

DeHaan, M. R.  DANIEL THE PROPHET. 35 Simple Studies in the Book of Daniel.  Zondervan Publishing House, 1967.  VG, dj $8.00

Demarest, John T.  A TRANSLATION & EXPOSITION OF…FIRST PETER.   New York: John Moffet, 1851. $12.00

Dickson, David.  THE PSALMS. A Commentary. [Geneva Series of Commentaries].  The Banner of Truth Trust, 1995.  E, dj $22.00

Durham, James.  THE SONG OF SOLOMON. [Geneva Series of Commentaries]. 1840. rpt. Banner of Truth Trust, 1997.  E, dj $25.00

Eadie, John.  COMMENTARY ON THE EPISTLE TO THE EPHESIANS. 1883. rpt. James & Klock Christian Pub., 1977.  VG $15.00

Fairbairn, Patrick.  AN EXPOSITION OF EZEKIEL. rpt. The National Foundation for Christian Education, 1969.  E $22.00

Gaebelein, A. C.  THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES. An Exposition.  "Our Hope", 1912.  VG $12.00

Gaebelein, A. C.  THE PROPHET DANIEL. A Key to the Visions & Prophecies.  "Our Hope", 1911.  VG $12.00

Gaebelein, Arno C.  THE BOOK OF PSALMS. A Devotional and Prophetic Commentary.  Loizeaux Brothers, 1978.  E, dj $15.00

Hailey, Homer.  A COMMENTARY ON THE MINOR PROPHETS.  Baker Book House, 1973.  VG, dj $12.00

Hamilton, Victor P.  HANDBOOK ON THE PENTATEUCH. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deut.  Baker Book, 2003.  E, dj $8.00

Harrison, Everrett F.  ACTS. The Exoanding Church.  Moody Press, 1975.  VG, dj $12.00

Hendriksen, William.  EXPOSITION OF PAUL'S EPISTLE TO ROMANS. [N. T. Commentary].  Baker Book, 1985.  VG, dj $12.00

Hendriksen, William.  MORE THAN CONQUERORS. An Interpretation of the Book of Revelation.  Baker Book House, 1976.  E, dj $8.00

Hughes, R. Kent.  ROMANS. Righteousness from Heaven [Preaching the Word]. Crossway Books, 2003.  E, dj $10.00

Ironside, H. A.  EXPOSITORY NOTES ON THE PROPHET ISAIAH.  Loizeaux Brothers, 1985.  VG, dj $12.00

Ironside, H. A.  GALATIANS AND EPHESIANS. In The Heavenlies.  Loizeaux Brothers, 1981.  E, dj $12.00

Jennings, F. C.  STUDIES IN ISAIAH.  Loizeaux Brothers Publishers, 1966.  VG, dj $12.00

Kelly, J. N. D.  A COMMENTARY ON THE PASTORAL EPISTLES [Thornapple Commentaries]. Baker Book, 1981.  E, p $7.00

Kelly, William.  LECTURES ON THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW. 1868. rpt. Loizeaux Bros., 1944.  VG, dj $12.00

Kidner, Derek.  PSALMS. An Introduction & Commentary. 2 Volumes.  Inter-Varsity Press, 2003 - 2004.  E, p $8.00

Kirkpatrick, A. F.  THE BOOK OF PSALMS. [Cambridge Bible].  Cambridge U Press, 1957.  VG     [Good!] $12.00

Larkin, Clarence.  THE BOOK OF DANIEL. 1929. rpt. Rev. Clarence Larkin Estate Publishers, n.d.  E, dj $12.00

Leighton, Robert.   A PRACTICAL COMMENTARY ON…FIRST PETER. 2 Volumes.  Presbyterian Board, 1864.   $28.00

Leupold, H. C.  EXPOSITION OF GENESIS.  The Wartburg Press, 1942.  VG, "pencil" $15.00

Lightfoot, J. B.  THE EPISTLE OF ST. PAUL TO THE GALATIANS. 1865. rpt. Zondervan Publishing, 1957.  VG, dj $10.00

Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn.  GOD'S ULTIMATE PURPOSE. An Exposition of Ephesians One.  Baker Book House, 1979.  VG, dj $12.00

Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn.  GOD'S WAY OF RECONCILIATION. Studies in Ephesians 2.  Baker Book House, 1980.  VG, dj $12.00

Lloyd-Jones, Martyn.  LIFE IN GOD. Life in Christ, Volume Five, Studies in 1 John.  Crossway Books, 1995.  E, p $7.00

Luther, Martin.  COMMENTARY ON GALATIANS. 1850.rpt.  Kregel Classics, 1998.  E, p $6.00

Luther, Martin.  COMMENTARY ON PETER & JUDE. 1904. rpt. Kregel Classics, 1997.  E, p $6.00

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