A Trojan horse--by any other name. Recently, much attention has been drawn to a Saudi peace plan offered by Crown Prince Abdullah, the de facto leader of Saudi Arabia. This peace initiative has been put through the media grid of acceptability as an opportunity to resolve conflict in Israel between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority. This proposal, presented in the garb of a new plan, is actually an old model dressed up to aid in unifying further the Arab League and their agenda at their planned summit in Beirut. Notably, this effort is an attempt by the Saudis to improve their own image since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks which involved so many Saudi nationals. And--this is a sly piece of diplomacy purporting to stabilize the region, but in reality fabricated to eliminate the land of Zion altogether, if this Trojan horse is allowed into the heart of Israel.

The old model was originally formulated by King Fahd in August of 1981, when he was Crown Prince. At that time, he set forth the following provisions:

1. Israel to withdraw from all Arab territory occupied in 1967, including Arab Jerusalem.

2. Israeli settlements built on Arab land after 1967 to be dismantled, including those in Arab Jerusalem.

3. A guarantee of freedom of worship for all religions in the Holy Places.

4. An affirmation of the right of the Palestinian Arab people to return to their homes and compensation for those who do not wish to return.

5. The West Bank and the Gaza Strip to have a transitional period under the auspices of the United Nations for a period not exceeding several months.

6. An independent Palestinian State should be set up with Jerusalem as its capital.

7. All States in the region should be able to live in peace in the region.

8. The United Nations or Member States of the United Nations to guarantee the carrying out of these provisions.

A simple reading of the twenty-year-old Fahd plan reveals that there is nothing innovative about what the Saudis have presented today. This is another warmed-over land-for-peace deal which does nothing to preserve or protect the State of Israel and its citizens. In fact, it sets up the conditions for real conflict--open war against Israel proper--since the Palestinians historically have never honored any agreement. Just think "jihad" and "intifada." Those are Islamic/Arab additions to the formula for destroying national Israel.

It must be noted that the goal of the Palestinian Authority and other Islamic nations is to eliminate Israel and its people. Once a Trojan horse, like the Saudis have proposed, is in place, real conflict can begin. A new, independent Palestinian state will be able to muster a standing army and import arms--by land, air, and sea (not illegal smuggling as on the ship "Karine A"). This will occur without scrutiny and transform their rock-throwing youths into demonized suicide brigades to destroy all Israeli infrastructure. Personal inquiry to the IDF has confirmed this strategy.

The goal of the PA is not just to acquire the territories, but to "...restore Palestine and liberate it through armed struggle" [PLO Charter Article 8]. They have affirmed "armed struggle is the only way" [PLO Charter Article 9]. The reason for the struggle is to "...purge the Zionist presence from Palestine" [PLO Charter Article 15]. This same article states that "the Arab nation, peoples, and governments...must participate with the people of Palestine" to repulse and purge the Zionist presence. Hence, any consideration of a Saudi "peace" offering must be suspect. Note, also, the PLO Charter states "Arab unity and the liberation of Palestine are complementary aims." They are to be working "hand in hand" [Article 13]. We might suppose that this old Charter (1968) is not viable, but it stands as the foundation piece for the hoped-for Palestinian state. The document itself states that this people "expressing itself through the armed Palestinian revolution, rejects every solution that is a substitute for a complete liberation of Palestine" [Article 21]. This leaves little room for any compromise unless the entire PLO Charter is revoked! Any conflicting arrangements by Chairman Arafat would result in his demise--a political suicide.

We might think, because this is the Holy Land, and there is so much at stake spiritually, that reason would prevail--at least on the spiritual level. Not so. Consider, again, the PLO Charter: "...spiritual ties between Jews and Palestine do not tally with historical reality" [Article 20]. They have unabashedly rewritten history, even to deny Jewish archaeoligical evidence going back over 3,000 years. This is why they have been systematically destroying Temple Mount with the on-going construction of the mosque in the area of Solomon's stables. In addition, they have continually, strategically painted the impression in media releases and public statements that Israel is the "aggressor" and the "occupying force." This is reinforced with video of children at risk to create the impression that the Palestinians are innocent. This propaganda and revisionism is not limited to the PA alone. Fouad Al-Farsy, in writing about the accomplishments and benevolence of the same King Fahd who authored the 1981 proposal, attempts to legitimatize the Palestinian/Arab claims to the land by stating that as "descendants of Ishmael," they "are as much the seed of Abraham as the Jews." He also invokes the phrase "according to Scripture," which is the death knell to any such ludicrous claim. In reality, according to Scripture, Ishmael has no share in the inheritance. He was part Egyptian, not Palestinian, and has no share in the inheritance whatsoever [Galatians 4:30]. Additionally, Scripture says plainly the covenants were with Isaac alone [Genesis 17:19, 21]. After Ishmael's death, his descendants moved "near the border of Egypt" [Genesis 25:18], somewhere in Sinai, by the desert of Shur. This is not even close to "Palestine." It cannot be stated more clearly, God's covenants were and still are with Israel. All the promises still stand. For the Saudis, the Palestinians, or any other Arab/Islamic faction to attempt to use the Old Testament writings to support any claims is the height of foolishness. It only confirms the disregard they have for history, truth, and legitimate Biblical promises.

Another interesting observation. In King Fahd's plan, later known as the Fez Plan, it is stated that there is a "guarantee of freeedom for worship for all religions in the Holy Places" (Item #3 above). This begs the question, "what about worship in other places?" If his "respect for the Holy Places of the other People of the Book" is genuine, then why are no churches permitted in Saudi Arabia? Why is there no guarantee in his own country? Why is there a bounty for reporting a Bible study to the authorities? Why are Christians and others persecuted? Why is his country at the top of the list of the most oppressive nations on earth regarding religious persecution? The truth is that there is no freedom for worship with the nations that follow the teachings of the Koran. Any other faith or religion is considered to be an enemy--an infidel. Since, Islam is the religion of the sword, then those outside of Islam must convert or perish. Temporary "peace" is approved, as long as it is in preparation for the destruction of the enemy. The picture is clear. Israel is the enemy of Islam, along with Christianity. Let those who have ears to hear, take warning. A Trojan horse by any other name....