** Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation from extinction.

-- Ronald Reagan


** The times call for a clear, powerful word from God. The need of the hour is for a prophet, not a mere echoer of men's opinions, however brilliant. We have fallen upon evil days. Self satisfaction, complacency, ease, consent without obedience, the redefining of luxuries so as to make them essentials, and of essentials, so as to make them other than absolutely necessary. These are the ingredients of current Christianity--and I mean Christianity--not unbelief. Suppose this is the last Founders Week prior to our Lord's coming? Have you and I some word from God that will actually count? I'm not interested in cleverness, in pointless humor, in nicely turned phrases, in intellectual gems and special interpretations which will astonish. The hour is too late. Nothing less than an objective word from God, translated into subjective experience, can come near being availing.

-- Dr. Wm. Culbertson, 1958, President, Moody Bible Inst., on the occasion of calling men to speak at Founders Week


** During a war, news should be given out for instruction rather than information.

-- Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister


** If you do not specify and confront real issues, what you will do will surely obscure them. If you do not alarm anyone morally, you will yourself remain morally asleep. If you do not embody controversy, what you say will be an acceptance of the drift to the coming human hell.

-- C. Wright Mills, American sociologist


** In science we have been reading only the notes to a poem; in Christianity we find the poem itself.

-- C.S. Lewis


** The prophet may preach to the bones in the valley, but it must be the breath from heaven that will cause the slain to live.

-- D.L. Moody


** Experience is not a preacher, but has no equal as a teacher.

-- Thornton Burgess


** In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God's existence.

-- Isaac Newton


** It is my personal conviction that the next ten years--the decade between now and the end of 1975--are critical ones for both conciliar ecumenism and evangelical Christianity. If conciliar ecumenism continues to repress the evangelical witness, and prevents it from coming to formative ecumenical influence, then conciliar ecumenism can only bog into a retarded form of Christianity. And if evengelical Christians do not join heart to heart, will to will and mind to mind across their multitudinous fences, and do not deepen their loyalties to the Risen Lord of the Church, they may well become--by the year 2000--a wilderness cult in a secular society with no more public significance than the ancient Essenes in their Dead Sea caves. In either event the tragic suppression of the evangel would abandon modern civilization to a new Dark Ages. The New Testament Gospel would become merely another religious relic that men once held important, but that is now disclaimed by a calamitous age that has lost a sure Word of God.

-- Carl F.H. Henry, 1967


** For the world to continue without a change is impossible. There must be either a great revival or a great judgement. It was the Wesley revival that saved England from the horrors of the French Revolution. There are now but few signs anywhere of a world-wide revival; but there are signs, ominous and dreadful, of a horrible judgement.

-- Oswald J. Smith